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24 Things I Love About Seungri

There’s way too many wonderful things about him, and these are just some of the things that make Lee Seunghyun an absolutely amazing person. From his cute baby hands, to his sexy dancing, to his appetite, to his song-writing abilities….

Seungri is a really strong, hard-working, and of course, talented person. And for that I admire him.

#HappyVIrthday ♥


Bigbang Solo 2013


that time Seungri subtly tried to make Tabi take his clothes off… until Leadah came to the rescue

Minzy 제일 잘 나가
(Park) Bom ratatata tatatatata Beat!

I saw it and he scared the crap out of me. He was like “Yes, I can see you there fangirling over me! Catch ya!” (He looked directly to the camera, my heart stopped) #As if there was no thousand of miles, nor a screen between us.


cr: 12blooming

"Ahora sí podré dormir tranquilo, ya los mareé a TODOS"


TOP accidentally ripped Taeyang’s MJ top 

Bae, you should have ripped his shirt too!

that awkward moment when you want to celebrate with someone and the person ignores you.

YG’s reaction to Seungri falling down :)) (cut by 12blooming)


best gif ever

best gif ever